Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update: Grocery Shopping--Saved More Than I Thought

I just realized a huge error in my savings calculations. I was using the VIC savings amount on the receipt instead of the Coupons tendered amount, which is the amount saved from VIC savings and coupons combined.  Corrections shown below:

% saved = 100 - 100(amount spent/(amount spent + coupons tendered amount))

Week 1: Total Spent: $53.64, Coupons Tendered: $62.48. Savings = 53.8%

Week 2: Total Spent $83.58, Coupons Tendered $67.60. Savings = 44.7%

So I in fact did save more money in the first week without double coupons regardless....but the savings were nearly 15% more than what I calculated in the first post. Glad I wasn't a math/stats major.

For next time: Since we're on the topic of couponing, I'll post a small, painless, quick tutorial on how to start your own couponing!

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